Kyle + Grace :: Same Day Edit from Vertical Videoworks on Vimeo.

Christina + Anthony | Short Wedding Feature from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

What a wonderful wedding day for our beautiful couple Christina and Anthony. This day was filled with great moments, laughs and tears. Congratulations!

Church: St.Ignatius Parish Church
Reception: Canad Inns Polo Park

Music: Today is Beautiful by David Dunn

Allison and Mark | Short Feature from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Allison and Mark are one of the few people that can make anyone feel like you've known them for a long time. They are fun, nice, wonderful couple and most of all, truly in love with each other. We are privileged to meet their friends and family and be a part of their wedding day. Congratulations Alley and Mark!

Kevin + Joanna || Our Story from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Short feature narrating Kevin and Joanna's story leading up to their marriage.
This was featured at their wedding reception.

Joanna + Kevin || Coming soon from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.


Jamie and Harvard from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Robert + Nancy || Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

What a wonderful day for a wedding! After a brief cold spell, the weather turned out great for Rob and Nancy's special day. You could feel the excitement in the air as everyone was waiting for Nancy to make her entrance at the church and walk down the aisle. There wasn't a dry eye when she made her entrance.
After the ceremony, the dinner reception party was amazing! From the specialized floor, decor and set up Rob and Nancy truly knows how to plan a great party. Big shout out to our good friend Khammy of Khammy Photography for referring us to Robert and Nancy and for doing a wonderful job with the wedding photos.

Brenna and Joshua | Short Feature from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

The rain cannot put a damper on this wonderful wedding day. The day was certainly filled with tons of fun and laughter. Thanks to Brenna and Joshua for making us a part of their very special day.

Rich and Mariecel | Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

When i first met Rich and Mariecel I knew we were gonna hit it off. From planning and filming their "Frozen" video to this Same Day Edit wedding film, we had the chance to spend time with really a wonderful couple. Their wedding day was perfect, the weather great and the ceremony and reception were awesome. All the best Rich and Mariecel!

Music licensed through Songfreedom

Raymond + Maricel || Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Three hours. That’s the amount of time we had to produce Raymond and Maricel’s Same Day Edit film. Even with the short time frame we had to edit , we didn’t feel rushed nor pressured knowing that we captured a lot of great footage during the course of the day. Ray writing Maricel a heartfelt card (surprise) before the wedding was one of the highlights of our day. This was also the first time we filmed at the Church of Christ (INC) and everyone made us feel welcomed and were very accommodating specially Brother Elmer and Brother Alvin.

Safe to say that when we played Ray and Maricel's wedding film to their families and closest friends, there weren't a lot of dry eyes in the building. We were truly blessed to be a part of Ray and Maricel's special day and wish them nothing but the best! Congratulations!

Music licensed through the Music Bed
Always Been You - Marie Hines

Mike + Monika || Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Mike and Monika first approached us to document their wedding after they were guests at a wedding we filmed last year and saw the Same Day Edit that we did. My hunch is we impressed them enough that they decided to contact us to film their wedding and deliver a Same Day Edit of their own. Well here it is :)

Mike and Monika are so laid back and fun to talk to that, in the 2 times that i met them prior to the wedding, we basically talked about everything under the sun.

Congratulations Mike and Monika!

Music: In the Middle of your Heart - For King and Country
Buy now on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/for-king-country/id457871289

Jay and Donabelle || Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Feels like being with long lost friends.
That’s exactly how we felt when we had the chance to hang out with Jay and Dona, not only during their wedding day, but also for their pre-wedding concept film. They are definitely one of the nicest couples we’ve met.. The day was relaxing, the weather nice and everything about the wedding was beautiful. Normally , after a long shoot, specially with a Same Day Edit, we pack up and go home; but for this we did not want the day to end so we hung around a bit talking to Jay and Dona’s friends and families. It was certainly a pleasure to be a part of Jay and Dona’s amazing wedding and deliver this Same Day Edit film for everyone to enjoy. Congratulations to our lovely couple!

Ceremony: St. Ignatius Parish Church
Reception: Fort Garry Hotel
Photographer: Manny Sousa Photography
Planner: Madeline’s Weddings and Events

Music: Marry Me – Jason Derulo
Buy now on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/music-video/marry-me/id728202018

Road Trip | Jay & Dona from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

A simple pre-wedding concept shoot with our lovely couple Jay and Dona

Music: Sugar by Maroon 5
Download on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/music-video/sugar/id957727376

Ashley + Craig :: Cinematic Feature Film from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

True love. In her smile we can see something more beautiful than the stars.

That is the one thing that stood out to us while filming Craig and Ashley's wedding. You can just see it in their eyes that they are truly in love and meant to be together. One of the most heartfelt wedding vows we've heard in a very long time. Truly an amazing and wonderful couple. It was definitely worth the trip to Steinbach :)

All songs licensed through Songfreedom and the Music Bed

Nathan + Carleigh || Short Feature from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Music licensed through Songfreedom | Enchantment | Frederick Capozio

Lester + Myla || Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

To top off a great year, we had the privilege of filming Lester and Myla's Same Day Edit this past Saturday for our last wedding of 2014. Not even the -30 celsius Winnipeg winter can dampen the warm and joyous spirit of this special day. Lester and Myla are a perfect pair and wish them all the best in their new life together.

Music Licensed through Songfreedom [songfreedom.com]
Artist: Moments Like This | The Afters

Ceremony: St. Peter Parish Church
Reception: Viscount Gort Hotel
Wedding Planner : Savvy

Technical specs:
2x Canon 6D
2x Canon 60D
2x Canon 135L f2
2x Canon 70-200L f2.8
Canon T3i
Canon 24-70L f4
Canon 24-70L f2.8
Canon 24-105L f4
Canon 50mm f1.8
Sigma 30mm f1.4
Rokinon 14mm f2.8
Helios-44mm f2

Jim + Mona || Short Wedding Feature from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Jamie || BK :: Wedding Feature from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

When BK met Jamie at the Palms Hotel elevator in Las Vegas, no one knew the challenges that laid ahead. Both had to endure hardships given the distance between them but with lots of patience and sacrifice, we are now witnesses to their love and devotion.

Distance cannot change Destiny.

BK and Jamie's wedding was beyond perfect. From the beautiful weather to the amazing attention to details, everything reflected their fun-loving personalities. Congratulations BK and Jamie!

Music licensed through SongFreedom

Malaine + Philippe || Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

We had a great time travelling to the wonderful city of Brandon to cover Malaine and Philippe's wedding.
It was great spending the whole day with our couple's families and friends. Despite our late night arrival and departure (2am), massive road construction blocks, and limited space to work with at church, we managed to deliver a piece that everyone loved with lots of requests to play it again :) plus we also got to see the completed renovations at St. Augustine where the ceremony was held. An amazing and beautiful church.
Hope to come back here in the near future :) Props to Photography by Dale for hooking us up with directions and for being a joy to work with. Also to Dean of Dean Rover Films for coming with us to assist for this wedding.

Music: This Modern Love - Bloc Party
Check it out on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/bloc-party/id322001885

Jamie || BK :: Our Story (SoCal to Winnipeg from Las Vegas) from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

" Wow! amazing, definitely meant to be" ....those are the words that kept going through our minds after we heard how BK and Jamie met, dated, got engaged and eventually got married.

This film was featured on their wedding day.

Music licensed through Songfreedom
Lucky by Tyrone and Elina

Additional music
Today by Smashing Pumpkins
|| Buy on iTunes || itunes.apple.com/ca/album/smashing-pumpkins-greatest/id712732565

Chris + Geraldine || Wedding Highlights from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Alvin + Kathryn || Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

From filming Alvin and Kathryn's Save the Date video to showcasing their Same Day Edit wedding film, we definitely had an excellent time hanging out with the wonderful Bride and Groom. Normally for Same Day Edits, there is a certain amount of pressure given the fast editing and turnaround time, but on this day, there was virtually no pressure at all. We were all in good spirits filming Alvin and Kathryn just enjoying their special day. Big props to Jamie and Michelle from Madelines Weddings for doing a great job organizing and managing the whole event and also to Joel Ross of Joel Ross Photography (with Aaron Sivertson) who is always great to work with.

Music: Odyssey | licensed through Capo Productions
Only Girl in the World | cover by Boyce Avenue featuring Alex Goot || Buy on iTunes and eMusic

Ceremony: St. Peter's Church
Reception: Fort Garry Grand Ballroom

Jamie || BK :: Save The Date from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Music: Today by Smashing Pumpkins
|| Buy on iTunes || https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/smashing-pumpkins-greatest/id712732565
|| emusic || http://www.emusic.com/artist/smashing-pumpkins/11570891/

Norman + Connie || Wedding Highlight from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Diego + Janice || Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

This was a special Same Day Edit given that Diego and Janice are dear friends. Back in the day, whenever we'd see Diego , we'd always ask him, "When is the date?" , "When is the wedding?" etc...well it finally happened :) Got the call in January with Diego saying that they have set a date for June and asked us to film it. Even with a fully booked calendar for the year already, we were more than happy to oblige. Big props to our friend, Ryan Valderama of Rave Visual Media for doing the wedding photographs and a same day wedding photo slideshow at the reception. Also to Rob Buenaventura of Rob2 Photography for helping us out for the ceremony. Enjoy!

Ceremony: St. Edwards Parish Church
Reception: Viscount Gort
Photographer: Rye Valderama - Rave Visual Media

Music Licensed through Songfreedom [www.songfreedom.com]
Artist: Skyeler Kole [Marry Me]

Tomasz + Samantha || Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

BEAUTIFUL: having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind:

ENCHANTING: to delight to a high degree;

These are the two words that best describe Tomasz and Samantha's wedding; not to mention the fabulous looking bride and groom who looked liked both just stepped out of a fashion shoot.

There were a lot of laughs, smiles, dancing,and of course vodka. Not even the torrential downpour can dampen the wonderful festive mood of this awesome wedding. We are extremely happy to have played a small part in making Tomasz and Samantha's special day memorable by showcasing their Same Day Edit film for their families and friends at their reception dinner. We know what this film means to Tomasz and Samantha so we were happy to deliver even if we only had literally 3 minutes to spare :)

Ceremony: Holy Ghost Parish Church
Reception: Delta Winnipeg
Triumph licensed through Capo Productions
Heart to Heart - James Blunt

Tech Specs:

This was an all Canon shoot with 60D's, 5DMarkII, T3i, EOS M and a VIXIA.
Lenses used were:

Canon 35L f1.4
Canon 50 f.1.8
Canon 85 f1.8
Canon 135L f1.4
Canon 24-70L f2.8
Canon 70-200L f2.8

Rokinon 14 f2.8
Tamron 17-50 f2.8
Nikkor MF 50 f1.4
Sigma 30 f1.4

Alvin & Kathryn || Save The Date from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Sal + Melissa || Wedding Highlights from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

According to Melissa's dad, when she was a teenager, Melissa told him that when she grows up she wants to marry a cowboy. Well lo and behold! She found a real cowboy in Sal. From a wonderful pre-ceremony party to a horse-drawn carriage ride, this is simply one of the most beautiful weddings we've had the chance to film.
Congratulations Sal and Melissa!

Music Licensed through The Music Bed [www.themusicbed.com]
Artist: Ben Rector [Forever Like That]
Church: Holy Rosary Catholic Church
Reception: The Fairmont Hotel

Aries + Vanessa || Always Been You from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

An awesome wedding for an awesome couple! When Vanessa showed me their high school yearbook during the bridal prep, we wanted to feature Aries' "quote"in their wedding story; and also to find a song to complement their story. Lo and behold... Marie Hines to the rescue! check her out on The Music Bed or iTunes. Congratulations Aries and Vanessa! and GO PANTHERS! lol!

Music licensed through The Music Bed [http://www.themusicbed.com] - Marie Hines [Always Been You]

Music licensed through Capo Productions [http://capoproductionsmusic.com] - Brand New Day

Alvin + Jami || יום החתונה שלנו Mazel Tov! from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

This is the conclusion of the Love Story we filmed for Alvin and Jami. We were really excited to film and witness their wedding since we have never been a part of a Jewish wedding ceremony. As someone who has a keen interest in religious history , i have always been fascinated by the historical significance of this wonderful marriage tradition; i believe the Rabbi said it best " ....all the way back to the time of Moses." It was indeed a great ceremony to be a part of and for the lively party afterwards... Congratulations Alvin and Jami!

Music licensed through The Music Bed [www.themusicbed.com]
Artist: Holley Maher [Perfect Day]

Please support Holley by visiting her website and preview her wonderful catalogue of songs.
She is one talented individual. [http://www.holleymaher.com/]

Garry + Tracy || A Wedding Highlight from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Shooting Garry and Tracy's wedding was special to us, especially to me, given that Tracy is my cousin.
It is the first family wedding that we've filmed. It was great to see all our family, gathered under one roof, celebrating a wonderful occasion. The 17 hour shoot did not faze us nor the desire to deliver a wonderful wedding film Tracy and Garry can be proud of. It was indeed a day of happiness and joy; just like when we were kids celebrating family events.

Music Licensed through Songfreedom [www.songfreedom.com]
Artist: One Republic [All This Time]
Church: St. Peter's Parish Church
Reception: Marlborough Inn
Photographer: Ryan Valderama [Rave Visual Media]

Gerald + Carla || Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

We had the chance to personally meet Carla and Gerald when they came to visit Winnipeg in May to discuss their wedding plans. Over coffee and Zuccotto cake on a gorgeous spring day, we went over some of the details of their wedding day with their amazing photographer Kelly of Kelly Bik Photography and Lindsey Davis, their awesome wedding event planner. Right off the bat, we knew that Gerald and Carla's wedding would be an awesome event specially with their choice of having a Same Day Edit shown at the dinner reception.

And it was indeed a great autumn wedding day. Spending the day with Gerald and Carla, together with their family and friends, felt like we were with lifelong friends. Everyone was so kind and gracious with their time. Kudos to both Kelly and Lindsey for doing a great job and being so accommodating to work with . Also to Rob Buenaventura for coming out and assisting us in filming the ceremony and photo session.

Congratulations Gerald and Carla!

Church: St. Edward Parish Church
Reception: Viscount Gort
Photographer: Kelly Bik Photography (www.kellybikphotography.com)
Wedding Event Planning: Lindsey Davis of davisdetails
Music: Please support Legaci (http://alturl.com/o42zz)

Carl + Ween || Our Story || Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

This film is based on the actual events that led to Carl and Ween's fabulous wedding day.
We filmed their love story over a span of two days with the rain not helping at all :( however ,we definitely had a great time hanging out and getting to know Carl and Ween and their bridal party. Props to our good friend Erwin of Erwin Crescini Photography who did a wonderful job with the wedding photos.

This film was featured during their wedding reception.

Music licensed through The Music Bed (www.musicbed.com)
Artist: The CandlePark Stars [We Found Love]
Additional Music: http://alturl.com/f5j73

Adam + Ashleigh || Our Wedding from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

We had an amazing time spending the day with Adam and Ashleigh. It was a day filled with love, laughter and tears.

Music Licensed through The Music Bed [www.themusicbed.com]
Artist: Amy Stroup [Hold On to Hope Love]

Teaser || Carl and Ween from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

A short Save the Date trailer for Carl and Ween's upcoming wedding.

Music licensed through Capo Productions [My World]

Adrian + Alison || At the Hitch n' Post from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

A wonderful wedding on a truly hot day :) Our first time filming at The Hitch n' Post ranch and we had a great time capturing Alison and Adrian's special day.

Music Licensed through Song Freedom [www.songfreedom.com]
Artist: Ingrid Michaelson [You and I]

Jami + Alvin || Proposal from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

For the longest time, I’ve had this thought of how nice it would be to film something in or around Gimli, Manitoba. Just love the vibe of the town ; actually this is the place where I proposed to my lovely wife. However, none of our previous endeavours were centered anywhere near this lovely town. Then I met Jami and Alvin. We were thrilled when Alvin mentioned that he proposed to Jami during a partial eclipse in Gimli. Bingo!

We started the day at 10am and drove to Gimli in one car and spent the majority of the time getting to know one another. We pretty much spent the whole day hanging out with Alvin and Jami filming their engagement story, checking out a local flea market, having lunch and buying firecrackers :) Good times indeed!

As for the film itself, we actually filmed the interview right on the spot where they both sat to watch the eclipse and where the proposal happened. We wanted to keep the film short and succinct but not too short that it diminishes the actual proposal story. We ended up with an 8 minute piece and also added a couple of minutes of humorous behind the scenes outtakes.

This film was featured during their wedding reception.

Music Licensed through The Music Bed [themusicbed.com]
Artist: Marie Hines [My Love Will Never Fail You]

Mark + Divine || Smiles = Fun = Happiness || from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

The moment I met Divine and Mark I knew that we were going to have a blast filming their wedding. Fun is such an understatement when describing our experience with Mark and Divine's wedding. Both have gorgeous smiles and great personalities that entertained everyone, including us, to no end. From their walk in song duet to the emotional father-daughter dance it was a wonderful wedding all around. As for their wedding highlight, we wanted to change the pace a bit from slow building highlight films to something more candid and fun to reflect not only the personalities of Divine and Mark , but the overall feel of their wedding day. Congratulations Mark and Divine!

Music licensed through SongFreedom [songfreedom.com]

Artist – Kathryn Ostenberg [Light Me Up]
Ceremony: St. Ignatius Catholic Church
Reception: Hotel Fort Garry
Photographer: Erwin Crescini Photography
Makeup : Make Up Impressions by Rimpal 
Wedding Decorations: Natalie Dream Party Creations

Leah + Troy || A Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Leah and Troy’s wedding day started off with a wonderful weather forecast that promised mild temperatures with lots of sunshine.When I arrived at the Inn at the Forks to film Leah’s bridal preparation, the room was a scene of tranquility. I must admit that I have never been around this type of serenity prior to a wedding ceremony. Normally, everyone is running around getting trying to get their hair and makeup done and getting dressed. As I was getting ready to film, I was quickly told that Leah hired massage therapists for everyone! That is certainly one of the coolest wedding ideas I’ve seen by far!

The ceremony took place at the Old Market Square, right in the heart of the Exchange District. As our team arrived, the outdoor venue was beautifully coordinated and decorated courtesy of the Leah’s awesome wedding planner; Kelly Sommerfield. The ceremony was short, charming and intimate. Leah arrived in a beautiful white Corvette! Andrea Vermette presided over the wedding and Leah and Troy read their own vows describing their love for each other. After the ceremony, the bride and groom crossed the street, with the wedding party in tow, to the popular Kings Head Pub for celebratory (beverage) shots. :)

We also had the chance to work with Wedding Photographer Erwin Crescini (erwincrescini.com).He and his wife Mia were very delightful to work with and enjoyed the conversations we had throughout the day.

Thanks Leah and Troy for choosing us to be a part of your wonderful wedding day. Congratulations !

Music licensed through The Music Bed 
Artist – Holley Maher [Always Be]

DreamTime instrumental licensed through Capo Productions

Ceremony: Old Market Square
Reception: Inn at the Forks
Photographer: Erwin Crescini
Hair and Makeup : Angelina Kisiloski & Rachel Tadeuszow
Wedding Planner: Kelly Sommerfield

Andrew + Michelle || High Five from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Michelle is from Winnipeg. Andrew is from Edmonton. Michelle moves to Calgary. Andrew gives Michelle a dozen roses on their first date. Michelle finds this intriguing. Andrew makes Michelle laugh (…a lot). They decide to settle in Winnipeg. Andrew and Michelle get married. High Fives all around!! Need we say more? :)

Our team had a great time spending the day not only with Andrew and Michelle but with their friends and family as well. It was a wedding day full of love, happiness and laughter; a wonderful day indeed. It was a pleasure working with Aly of Victoria Anne Photography and her assistant Andrea, who did a wonderful job with the wedding photographs. Congratulations Andrew and Michelle!

Music licensed through Songfreedom.com 
Artist – Derek Gust [I Do]

Amy & Cam || Friendship + Love from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Thanks to Amy and Cam for choosing us to film this special day. Also to their families and wedding entourage for being so friendly and accomodating, we felt right at home spending the whole day with such wonderful people. Big props to our good friend Kelly of Kelly Bik Photography for coming out to assist us in filming this wedding.

Music: Buy it on iTunes: tinyurl.com/d5lzwgk || tinyurl.com/7ptgtfy
Ceremony and Reception : Pine Ridge Golf Club

Danny & Janice - Walang Hanggan (Eternity) from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Danny and Janice have been together for 10 years and have built a great foundation for a wonderful relationship. This was quite evident with the time we spent with them filming their engagement story and wedding day. Danny and Janice complement each other very well and this past September, celebrated their union in front of their family and friends and pledged each other’s love for eternity. We had a wonderful and remarkable time spending the day with Danny and Janice. It felt like we were around family and friends. It was real fun and a relaxing experience. The small community church (St. Patrick’s) made for a wonderful backdrop for a more intimate and personal wedding ceremony. Reverend Pepito delivered a wonderful service and the parish staff were so friendly and accommodating. Lindsey Davis also did an amazing job coordinating the day’s events.We also had a lovely time spending the day with our favourite photographer Kelly of Kelly Bik Photography (thanks for lending us your macro lens :) and her colleague Cheeraz, who, as always, did an outstanding job with the wedding photographs. Congratulations Danny and Janice!

Music: Buy it now on iTunes : tinyurl.com/a3z69la || tinyurl.com/bhypola
Cinematography: Vertical Video Works (Ken Banares, Jerome Santome, Ryan Valderama)
Photography : Kelly Bik Photography
Make-up: JC Makeup Artistry
Flowers: Timeless Florals
Linens: Chair-ish Your Moments
Cake: Sugar Blooms and Cakes
Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Lindsey Davis

John & Pon - The Rest of our Lives from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

It was indeed a fabulous day in August when we had the pleasure of being with John and Pon for their wedding day. Working with John and Pon is like being around good friends and they are simply one of the nicest and easy-going couples we've had the chance to work with. It was a day filled with fun and wonderful moments. Listening to John's touching and heartfelt speech to Pon left everyone, including us , teary eyed. To top it off, the awesome fireworks display that took place during their first dance as a married couple, was the highlight of the night. Big thanks to the staff at The Gates and their weddingl coordinator, Melissa, for helping us set up the Next Day Edit video we played during the reception. It was also great working with Natalie of Dream Party Creations who did a fantastic job decorating the event. Most of all we'd like to thank Khammy Phanthanvong of Khammy Photography for referring us to her cousin Pon. Congratulations John and Pon!!

Music: Buy it now on iTunes : alturl.com/f42ty // alturl.com/zyvna
Follow Marie: alturl.com/s5hdg

Stewart + Christina // A Letter to my Best Friend from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

A morning thunderstorm could not dampen the mood and celebration of this wonderful wedding day. Stewart met Chrissy, who is from the US, while he was playing major junior hockey in the WHL and both decided to settle back here in Winnipeg. We had a great time filming this wedding specially the bridal preparations with Chrissy's fabulous family who drove all the way from St. Louis, Missouri. Kudos to Pastor Paul who delivered a fantastic ceremony and of course to the talented (and awesome!) photographers Kelly Bik (with Michelle Zerr) who is always great to work with. Thanks Chrissy and Stew for choosing us to capture your special day. Congratulations!

Music: tinyurl.com/928s29v // tinyurl.com/8smv9sr
Photographers : Kelly Bik Photography (with Michelle Zerr)
Church: St. Luke's Anglican Church Reception: Fort Garry Hotel

Emerald + Kory // Happily Ever After Starts Here from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

When Emerald told us that she was getting married in their stunning family home out in St. Andrews, MB, we got really excited since we don't often get a chance to film backyard weddings. It is indeed a very beautiful place where her older brother also got married a few years back. We knew that this wedding would be most heartfelt given that the people they invited are the ones they hold dear and closest to their hearts. In front of their closest family and friends, Emerald and Kory declared their love and promise to one another. Tears were shed during most of the ceremony and continued throughout the night especially during the speeches. The Matron of Honour and Best Man delivered heartfelt congratulations and shared wonderful stories about Emerald and Kory. It was such an honour to be a part of such a fun and laid-back couple, from meeting up with Kory and Emerald out in Selkirk,MB in the morning to hanging out at Rembrandt's Bistro at Lockport for the reception, We had so much fun filming this wonderful wedding. Thanks Emerald and Kory for choosing and trusting us to document your wedding day. PS: We counted at least 5 planes that buzzed by during their ceremony :)

Music: tinyurl.com/8zfplke Follow Charlie at tinyurl.com/27nmpsl

Kaylee and Jared - Same Day Edit from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

What a beautiful August day for a wedding! The whole day was really fun to film. We wanted to capture all the "little" surprises that Kaylee and Jared prepared for their parents, guests and wedding party. Everyone was laid back and having a great time.From Kaylee and Jared to everyone who were part of the wedding, being in the moment was so evident. We love the rooftop ceremony where we could feel the lovely atmosphere and how the couple, saying their own vows, deeply moved everyone who was there. Kaylee and Jared are a perfect fit indeed.

Thanks so much Michelle Zerr and Kelly Bik who are the two most talented photographers in Winnipeg and for just being awesome! Also to Sheila the Event Director from the Winnipeg Art Gallery for her team's hospitality.

Overall, we got to meet some amazing people and it really made for a wonderful experience.
Here are some of the wonderful vendors from Kaylee and Jared's wedding.

Cinematographers: Vertical Video Works
Photography: Michelle Zerr Photography (with Kelly Bik)
Venue: Winnipeg Art Gallery
Officiant: Heather Mirecki
Hair : Aura Salon (Garden City)
Make-up: Fine Eyes Makeup
Florist: Sabyna Sawka
Decorations: Madelines Weddings and Events
Harpist: Erica Schultz
Wedding Cake: Cake-o-logy

Music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id513536046
Support Daniel and buy the album... you'll be blown away how great his album is !

Kyle & Jen - Wedding Highlight from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

We were beyond thrilled to film our first wedding of 2012 and to top it off, it's with a fantastic couple. Jen and Kyle. We were indeed lucky to be able to spend time with them on their wedding day. Both Jen and Kyle looked elegant and stunning in their wedding formals. There was also no shortage of energy and great shots for this wedding. Jen, Kyle and their family and friends were simply wonderful to be around with.

Kudos to the staff of Breezy Bend Country Club for doing a fabulous job with getting the venue ready and for not yelling at me while I filmed them setting up :). We were also happy to spend the day with photographers Jeremy Hiebert and his wife Meagan. Congratulations Jen and Kyle! (technical specs read below)

Music: Better by Marie Hines
Profile: mariehines.com
Itunes : itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-living-room-sessions/id438676857

Ryan and Reanne - Viva Las Vegas by Vertical Video Works

This was a very special occasion for our great friends Ryan and Reanne. We've known the couple even before they started dating so this day was definitely important to us as well. When Ryan, who by the way is a professional photographer and an aspiring cinematographer, told us of his wedding plans, we were beyond excited and to top it off it's in Las Vegas baby!

If there was one word to describe this wedding, it would be first class. From the accommodations, limo driver, venues to the food they served at the reception, the whole occasion was top notch. Ryan and Reanne created a wonderful experience for their family and friends who came from all over North America and the Philippines to share in this momentous day.

Las Vegas was full of life this November weekend. Hundreds of couples getting married for Nov, 11, 2011 (11.11.11), the Latin Grammy Awards was in town and the biggest attraction of them all, the famed third boxing match between the great Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez.

As for the technical aspect of shooting this wedding, we had to go back to basics. We couldn't bring most of our equipment that we normally use to film weddings (luggage issues). All we had was a camera on a tripod coupled with a lot of creative imagination. Sometimes that's more than enough to tell a story.

Congratulations Ryan and Reanne!

Hotel: Platinum Hotel
Church: Guardian Angel Cathedral

Ashley and Donovan from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

I first met Ashley and Donovan over a cup of Tim's coffee after they've notified us that they were still looking for a wedding videographer. I think they still had to meet a couple of other videographers after our initial meeting but i guess we won them over with our charm :)Although our schedule was already maxed for the year, i got the sense that this was going to be a wonderful wedding to film. I was right.

We were literally all over Manitoba on this wedding. Jerome went to Niverville to cover the Groom, I was in Oak Bluff for the Bride prep and our trusted 3rd shooter, Rye Valderama was at Starbuck ( the town not the coffee shop ) where the ceremony was held. It was a chilly day but Ashley and Donovan and their entourage braved the elements for this wonderful wedding. Also had the chance to work again with our friend Photographer Nevin Giesbrecht who took fantastic photos. We'd also like to thank the staff at Bridges for being so accomodating and letting me film them while they were setting up.

Music: God Gave Me You - Piano by Joshua Tran http://www.youtube.com/user/joshuatranmusic?feature=watch

Sheryl & Jay from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

Back in the day, Sheryl and I used to work together at an office job downtown, however after she quit to pursue a career in Nursing, we lost touch until i received an email at the beginning of the year inquiring about our services. I think she was surprised to find out that it was me who answered her email :)

We were excited since it was a glorious October day and after meeting everyone at the rehearsal, we knew that it would be a great experience filming Sheryl and Jay. We will never forget the homeless man who showed up in the middle of the wedding, sat in the front pew and cried during the exchange of vows.

Overall, beautiful couple, great weather and even better friends. Had the chance to meet and chat with Ryan of RyanB Photography and his colleague, who did a fabulous job with the photos.

Church: Knox United
Reception: Delta Hotel Winnipeg
Purchase the song: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/good-life-produced-by-ortopilot/id473680990



Nomer & Grace from Vertical Video Works on Vimeo.

We briefly met Grace and Nomer last year during another couple's wedding where they provided the music during the ceremony. Thank God we didn't creep them out for filming them a lot while they performed :) nevertheless, thanks to a mutual friend, they were able to track us down and contacted us to film their wedding.

From our very first meeting to discuss their wedding plans, it was evident that Nomer and Grace are a perfect match for each other. Grace is such a wonderful and happy person, not to mention an awesome singer as well. Nomer is a man of many talents, he plays wicked guitar and sing, can reformat your computer and turn around and fix a swimming pool. Thanks Nomer for giving me tips on how to properly look after my pool:)

Seriously though we had so much fun just hanging out with them and to top it off we had the privilege of shooting their engagement story and wedding. Kudos to Natalie of Dream Party Creations who did a fantastic job decorating the church and reception hall. Thanks so much Grace and Nomer for your trust in our team!